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Renderer: Vertex Buffer Objects

Posted by Robert Chow on 19/11/2009

So I’ve started on the Renderer library, and although this update might be coming a couple of weeks late, there’s a few demos that I’ve managed to produce as the library is slowly being developed. Much of the next few Renderer posts will be short, and will not contain much code – most of the code I am using I have already explained in earlier posts.

The first stage of Renderer I have incorporated is the use of vertex buffer objects. This is because it is pretty much the core drawing function I will be using to create shapes drawn on to the screen. Although this is not clearly shown, the first demo was to initially make sure that these vertex buffer objects work.

Using a blending function to incorporate the alpha values, I have loaded the buffers with several objects – each a triangle of random position and size, with 3 random colours, one for each vertex.  Even more so, the number of triangles is also random.

Renderer: Vertex Buffer Objects.  The screenshots show the results after loading the buffers with random triangles.

It might not be the most exciting demo in the world, but at least it shows that my vertex buffer objects work.  As a result of this, I am able to carry on, knowing that the most fundemental part of the Renderer library is in place.  For now.


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  1. […] you can automatically see that this little demo already involves the concept of vertex buffer objects (drawing of the cube), the scene graph (rotating cube), the camera (viewing the cube, using the […]

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