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Ryuichi Sakamoto

Posted by Robert Chow on 24/11/2009

Another computer-unrelated post.

The reason I’ve been in Manchester for the past week or so, is for my love of live music. You don’t really get that in the North of Devon as such, and if you do, then it’s usually some form of low-key entertainment – possibly good, but no reason to travel down the road for (bearing in mind the road is a good 2km or so).

So I’ve already been to see Faithless at the Warehouse Project last weekend (rather disappointing I admit, but I got tickets for free), and a small band from Sheffield by the name of 65DaysOfStatic (absolutely amazing).

But the main act was tonight, and he’s a Japanese pianist, by the name of Ryuichi Sakamoto. Seeing him at the Bridgewater Hall is one day I will always remember.  The acoustics were brilliant, and the stage decorated with a large projection screen providing visual entertainment, is just a highlight of many.  As for Sakamoto himself, he was flawless.

If you don’t understand the pure beauty of the this track, then I pity you, I do.


One Response to “Ryuichi Sakamoto”

  1. agentti said

    Does Carmen know the reason you came up to Manc was for Music? haha

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