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Line 0

Posted by Robert Chow on 01/12/2009

So I managed to get back to Devon yesterday afternoon, and later found myself helping to clean out the kitchen. One of our colleagues, of 3 and a half years has left, and he was also a former flat-mate of mine too.  It was quite interesting to find what was around the kitchen – it could have been a museum, where artifacts of foods would be on display – from as old as 2004.  It’s not pretty.

A driving lesson helped to perk me up this morning – lesson #6 it was, and I feel exactly the same way about driving as I have always done.  I’ll enjoy it when I do it, but when it comes around, I’m always thinking I could be better off doing something else.  But nevertheless, it was a good hour of driving.  Still starting to get the hang of it, and still a little rough having not done it for the last 3 weeks, but I’m getting there.

After the lesson, Kanban meeting, and then the annual review for myself.  It was a first, considering I’d never taken one quite so seriously, despite having them at John Lewis (where I’ve worked for 3 years, but that’s another story), and also for my supervisor, whereby he’s never managed anyone before.  It was rather thorough, and rather long I might add.  It was also quite useful too, helping me to plan out what I should expect when 2010 arrives – that’s less than 3 weeks of coding from now, and I’m a little freaked out at what I’ve set myself to do by then.

The afternoon was spent typing up those minutes – it takes a lot longer than you think!  The rest of the time, I’ve been trying to find travel arrangements for a conference I’m to attend next week in London.  The conference is about pharmaceuticals and displaying data in graphs.  Some of it will be interesting, and the rest not so.  I’m just a little worried about what will go wrong with travel, especially with after the conference – I’m just hoping I won’t have to book a hotel in Exeter, and that I can come back to Barnstaple on time.  The conference finishes at 5pm, and the last train is at 6.03pm.  Of course, I have to get to the train station by tube first.  Not nice.

After all of this, I’m a little disappointed really.  Mainly because, well, you know what I’ve also done for the past couple of days?

Not a single line of code.  Not 1.

Line 0.


One Response to “Line 0”

  1. Anthony Jones said

    What? No code?

    Lazy git… 😉

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