Planning the Spontaneous

It's more than just a blueprint.


Posted by Robert Chow on 22/03/2010

Over nine hours it’s taken to get back to Bideford from Manchester. It’s an absolute disgrace. At first I thought the problem would lie at Birmingham New Street, with a sketchy 15 minute wait for the connecting train, and the least of my worries at Exeter with a 45 minute changeover. Yet, it was the latter, with the Birmingham to Exeter train delayed 1 hour 30 minutes. As a result, I had to catch a much later train back to Barnstaple.

I can honestly say, it’s the journeys that I am going to miss the least when I leave my placement in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the work I’m doing (that reminds me, I’ve got a lot left to do), and being a student will be very disorienting again, I am sure. However, it’s no secret that I’m not too fond of the location. It’s great for a holiday, or a weekend break; but a year, especially for someone growing up in Manchester and loving the city life, it’s not quite my cup of tea.


I’m back in Bideford now. Hopefully I’ll be able to cram in a few more posts before I disappear back up north again.


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