Planning the Spontaneous

It's more than just a blueprint.


I’m currently a placement student studying in Devon for a small company by the name of IGI.  I should really, be instead, studying my third year of Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

So my supervisor has given me the go ahead to write a blog to help me with my personal developement – and it should also be useful in the future when I come to write a report about the year.  True, it may be, that this blog is starting 2 months into the placement, but I’m going to try and cover most of what I’ve done so far.  And who knows, I’ll hopefully keep this up during my final year of University, and maybe longer than that.

So far, it’s been kind of hard, having lived in the lively city of Manchester for the past 20 years, to come down to live with nothing but a bunch of sheep and the odd farmer passing by in the field.  But I must admit, the code monkey in me has started to come out.  I’m enjoying the work and the creativity it presents, the problems that I encounter each day, and the amazing “braindumps” that my supervisor keeps giving me every now and then.

That’s what this blog is all about.


One Response to “About”

  1. Murray Mackinnon said


    I enjoyed your page on Bezier curves. Would it be possible to release a copy of the code for the multiple (nested) curves.

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