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Bright Break

Posted by Robert Chow on 13/04/2010

Easter was interesting.  And tiring.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve never really celebrated it as far as receiving a chocolate egg, this years was definitely to say the least, different.

Although working for a majority of the Easter break, I spent the Sunday entertained with my cousins and family who decided to come visit Devon for their holidays.  They come every year apparently, and always do the same thing – an Easter egg hunt.  Can’t say I’ve ever done one before, and it was a lot more fun than expected.

But it’s the week after Easter which is why I am so tired.  My girlfriend decided to take what very little break she has from university and spend it down south, and so too did one of my course friends.

On the Wednesday, me and my girlfriend decided to borrow a couple of bicycles and cycle down the Tarka trail – something I’ve been meaning to do, but once again, like many other things, I’ve been putting off.  Instead of completing the Bideford-Barnstaple leg, we decided to go down the other way to Torrington, a place I’ve never been to.  It was rather interesting to see my girlfriend cycle for the first in 11 years – a few bumps and bruises were had!  And those seats weren’t the most comfortable either!  Yet, we finally made it in the end.

Tarka Trail House.

Tarka Trail River.

Puffing Billy.  We took this photo just to prove we had made it to Torrington (even though it wasn’t actually that far)!  We were recommended to try the food at the Puffing Billy, but unfortunately it was shut.

On Thursday we found ourselves at a leaving lunch for a couple of colleagues in Appledore.  We decided to stay around, but then realising there is absolutely nothing to do in Appledore, we decided to head towards Westward Ho! via Northam.  It only took about 50 minutes to walk and is quite nice, particularly if the weather is good.

Appledore To Instow.  This is the view from Appledore to Instow.  There’s not really much else.  They say that on the opposite of the river in Instow, the people are quite wealthy, and that those in Appledore are far less off.

Westward Ho!

My friend came round later that evening, and now with access to a car, we decided to go for a ‘nice’ walk near Saunton on Friday.  ‘Nice’ is a bit misleading.  The views were spectacular, and the route was quite enjoyable, but I think, it’s safe to say, we were a little unprepared. We took the coastal path to Woolacombe bay – that we were fine with.  We just didn’t quite realise how long it was, and unfortunately, we had to walk back to the car.   We resulted in going over the hills instead, on rather steep paths.  It sure was tiring, but it was a good (unplanned) 8.5 miles of exercise!  I’d recommend it to anyone who is willing enough for a struggle!

Coastal Rocks.


Cliffside.  It’s safe to say (or raher, unsafe) it’s quite steep!

Woolacombe Bay. Relief at last, until we realised we had to walk back.

Alien Saunton.  The view we had coming over the hills back to Saunton.  It had seemed as if we’d stepped into another world.

Coastal Walk.  This is the path that we took from Saunton to Woolacombe bay.  This image is taken from Google Maps.  You can find the map I’ve created at,-4.228878&spn=0.040181,0.090895&t=h&z=14

After the small break, it’s now back to work.  Me and my supervisor devised a (rather scary looking) timetable for me to try to stick to between now and the end of my placement.  It’s not too long now, only 3 more months!  A lot of work, and not a lot of time.  Hopefully, I’ll be pulling off a demo every single week – not necessarily anything particularly spectacular, but the by the end of the period, I should have a Grapher component done and polished.  I hope.


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